SDM Full Form

SDM Full Form

The major full form of SDM is Sub-Divisional Magistrate. 

SDM full form

SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrat)

The title SDM, or Sub-Divisional Magistrate, is given to the head official of a district subdivision. He or she is an administrative officer who is below the level of district, depending on a country’s government structure. SDM is a state civil service officer in general. Furthermore, UPSC-select Indian Administrative Service officers to work as SDMs during their training period. In some Indian states, they are referred to as Deputy/Assistant Collectors or Assistant Commissioners. Tehsils are the sub-districts in each district. It is given authority by the tax inspector, Collector, or District Magistrate. SDM has authority over all the sub-divisions (tehsils) (Sub Divisional Magistrate).Under the Criminal Procedure Code of 1973, a sub-divisional magistrate in India has several executive and magisterial responsibilities.

Functions of an SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrat) 

Revenue-generating activities
Revenue functions comprises of : maintaining land records, handling revenue cases, demarcation and mutations, settlement operations, and acting as custodian of public land. SDM or Sub Divisional Magistrates are known as Assistant Collectors and Revenue Assistants. They are primarily in charge of day-to-day revenue collection. Tehsildars supervise the subordinate revenue staff, which consists of Girdavars, Kanungos (Revenue Inspectors), and Patwaries who are involved in field level revenue activities and mutations. They are also authorized to issue statutory certificates such as SC/ST & OBC, Domicile, Nationality, and so on. Property documents, sale deeds, powers of attorney, share certificates, and all other documents that are required by law to be registered, are registered at one of the nine Sub Registrar’s Offices. Deputy Commissioners serve as Registrars for their respective districts and have supervisory authority over Sub Registrars.

Magisterial Functions
Executive Magistrates are delegated to Sub Divisional Magistrates. They are in charge of implementing preventive sections of the Code of Criminal Procedure in this position. They also investigate cases of unnatural deaths of women within seven years of marriage and, if necessary, issue orders to the police for case registration. SDM or Sub Divisional Magistrates have the authority to conduct inquests into custodial deaths, such as those in police cells, jails, etc. Officers in this Department are also expected to act as the government’s eyes and ears, conducting investigations into all major accidents, including major fires, riots, and natural disasters, along other things.

Disaster Management
This department is in charge of all relief and rehabilitation operations in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. It is also in charge of coordinating and implementing disaster management plans for
natural and chemical disasters, and a disaster preparedness awareness generation program is carried out under the assistance of the United Nations Development Program.

Responsibilities of SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrat)

  • Registration of a vehicle.
  • Revenue-generating work or Election-based work.
  • Registration of marriages.
  • Renewal and issuance of a driver’s license.
  • Arm license renewal and issuance.
  • Issuing certificates such as OBC, SC/ST, and Domicile, etc.

How to Become an SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrat)

To become an SDM, you must have completed your 12th grade and a graduation degree from a recognized university. Then you must apply for the Civil Services Exam, which is held every year by the Union Public Services. After passing the UPSC, you become an IAS officer and are assigned or posted as an SDM.

Criteria for Eligibility

Nationality: The candidate must be of a Indian citizenship.
Educational Requirements: The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree from recognized university. To become an SDM, you must have a bachelor’s degree.

Important Points to Keep in Mind 

• Candidates can apply for the exam even if they are in their final year of college.
• Candidates who are awaiting results are also eligible for the UPSC-CSE Prelims Exam. However, for the Mains Exam, they must provide proof of clearing the exam.
• Candidates with technical degrees may also apply for this position.
• A candidate who has a professional qualification may also apply for the exam.
• A medical student who has finished their degree but is currently enrolled in an internship is also eligible to apply for the position.
• Those who have passed the ICAI, CWA, or ICSI exams.

Age Limit :

To be eligible for the exam,
• The lower age limit of the candidate must be 21 years. The examination has a maximum age limit of 32 years.
• The relaxation period for SC/ST candidates is five years. As a result, the maximum age is raised to 37 years.
• For OBC, the age limit is relaxed by three years, and the age limit is raised to 35 years.
• 3 years of reprieve for a member of the armed forces who is unable to complete an operation with any foreign country.
• Relaxation of five years for the ex-servicemen, including commissioned officers, ECO’s/Atlas SSC’s of 45 years of military service, has been released.
• 10 years of examination for people who are handicapped, blind, deaf, have autism or another intellectual disability, or have a variety of other disabilities.

Let’s now look at some of the other meanings of the abbreviation SDM,

IAS SDM Full Form

Sub Divisional Magistrate is abbreviated as SDM. Districts are subdivided to form subdivisions. According to a country’s government structure, the subdivision is controlled by the SDM, an administrative officer often lower than the district level. An SDM wields collector and executive magistrate powers. With relevant experience in this position, an SDM can be a senior officer of the State Civil Services in subordinate roles or a junior member of the IAS or Indian Administrative Service.

DM SDM Full Form 

DM is an abbreviation for District Magistrate, also known as District Collector. A DM is a level of officer in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). After 5 to 6 years of service as an SDM, they are promoted to the position of DM. A DM is in charge of a variety of duties within the district. He or she is the CEO of the district and is responsible for maintaining law and order in their jurisdiction. In addition, they must collect revenue on a regular basis, lead the district, and complete a variety of tasks that are assigned to them. Some of the responsibilities include writing service reports for the SP and other district-level officers, as well as reporting to higher-level officials. A DM has more abilities than an SDM. In each district, there is only one DM.

RAS SDM Full Form 

Rajasthan Administrative Service, abbreviated as RAS, is a state civil service in the state of Rajasthan. Besides include Rajasthan Accounts Service, Rajasthan Police Service, and other services. The officers are part of the state’s civil service cadre. RAS officers are trained for two years at the HCM Rajasthan State Institute of Public Administration. The Department of Personnel, Government of Rajasthan, is the Cadre Controlling Authority for this service. The Chief Secretary is in charge of this service. During their training, RAS officers begin their careers as assistant collectors and executive magistrates. Following their training, they usually serve as Sub-Divisional Magistrate for a number of years. Following that, they are assigned as additional district collectors, additional district magistrates, or additional Divisional Commissioners until they are promoted into the Indian Administrative Service. Besides from these positions, they also serve as Deputy Secretary to the Rajasthan Government, Joint Secretary to the Rajasthan Government, Deputy Inspector General of Stamps and Registration, Special Assistant to the State Minister, Commissioner to the Municipal Corporation, Additional Chief Executive Officer to the Zila Parishad, Chief Executive Officer to the Zila Parishad, District Supply Officer, Registrar to the State University, and District Excise Officer.

SDM Full form in MBA

SDM stands for 'Sales and Distribution Management' in MBA. Sales management can be viewed as a component of the organization’s marketing mix. It is associated with the creation of sales strategies, product merchandising and pricing, sales promotion activities, the distribution function, and sales personnel planning, staffing, and training. Supervising, motivating, and controlling to achieve sales targets.

SDM Full Form in Software Engineering 

SDM stands for 'Service Desk Manager' in Software Engineering. The Service Desk Manager (SDM) is an essential component of any IT Service Management operation. They are in charge of overseeing the day-to-day operations of the service desk to ensure that users and business teams receive the assistance they require. The service desk manager’s role comprises : part general management, part service operations, and part special projects, etc. The service desk manager, in addition to managing a exemplary set of staff support agents, monitors operations to ensure that tickets are addressed in a timely manner and serves as the service desk associated to major business-impacting initiatives.

In most IT organizations, managing the service desk necessitates a strong set of general people management skills on the part of the manager. Typical general-management tasks include:
• Recruiting workers
• Training
• Employee Scheduling
• Vendor administration
• Budgeting and cost control
• Definition of the Process
• Tools selection

SDM Full Form in Bank 

SDM stand for 'Service Delivery Manager' in Bank. An SDM or service delivery manager is in charge of ensuring that services are delivered to an organization’s clients in a timely and efficient manner. They are in charge of a variety of tasks, including project team leadership, reliability issues, progress monitoring, KPI tracking, and budget management. An SDM is important for improving the user's experience by ensuring the smooth delivery of high-quality services that meet and exceed customer expectations. An SDM’s job Nature is entirely customer-facing. A service delivery manager’s responsibilities typically comprises, supervising a number of activities or functions in order to facilitate the delivery of superior services to end users. The primary responsibility of a service delivery manager is to ensure that service support and service delivery processes are on track to ensure the consistent delivery of high-quality client service at a low cost.

SDM Full Form in Police

SDM is responsible for a variety of magisterial duties under the 1973 Criminal Procedure Code, as well as a variety of minor actions. Typically, it is a PCS Ranking Officer. The Sub divisional Magistrate is appointed by the Collector Magistrate and the Tax Inspector, and all tehsils or subdivisions fall under his jurisdiction.

SDM Full Form in Disaster Management 

Section 14 of the act set up all state governments to authorize the State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA). The SDMA is chaired by the Chief Minister of the State. Not more than eight members are appointed by the Chief Minister. The State Executive Committee is in charge of developing the state disaster management plan and putting it into action (Section 22). Section 28 mandates the SDMA to ensure that all departments of the State prepare disaster management plans in accordance with the National and State Authorities.

PSC full Form in SDM 

PSC is the acronym for Provincial Civil Service. It is the administrative civil service of the Uttar Pradesh government’s executive branch. It also serves as the feeder service for the state’s Indian Administrative Service. Various positions at the sub-divisional, district, divisional, and state levels, are held by PSC officers which also comprises of the revenue administration and law and order enforcement. The cadre-controlling authority of the service is the Government of Uttar Pradesh’s Department of Appointment and Personnel. Together with the Provincial Police Service and the PFS or Provincial Forest Service , the PSC or Provincial Civil Service is one of three feeder services to the respective All India Services.

SDO SDM Full Form

The Sub-divisional Officer (Civil) is the Sub-chief Division’s civil officer. In fact, he is a miniature version of his Sub-Deputy Division’s Commissioner. He possesses sufficient authority to coordinate work in the sub-division. He or she has direct hold or authority over the Tehsildars and their staff. He is qualified to communicate directly with the government and other departments on routine matters. Like the Deputy Commissioner, his primary responsibilities include revenue, executive, and judicial functions.

ADM SDM Full Form

Additional District Magistrate or ADM. The position of Additional District Magistrate was created to assist the District Officer in his day-to-day operations. The Additional District Magistrate has the. According to the rules, he or she has the same authority as a District Officer. The ADM is the district magistrate’s second-highest administrative officer. Under the supervision of DM, he or she perform various managerial level tasks.. There are three ADMs. ADM (Executive), ADM (Finance and Revenue), and ADM are the positions in the Bareilly District.

Other full forms of SDM

SDM Security Device Manager Web-based device-management tool
SDM Sub Divisional Magistrate Head official of a country subdivision
SDM Shared Decision Making Approach where clinicians and patients communicate
SDM Brown Field Municipal Airport Airport is located California