SDM Full Form

SDM Full Form

The Full form of SDM is Sub Divisional Magistrate

What is SDM?

SDM is the head of any given amount of area authorised by the government of a country
SDM is an officer of State PSC ranking
IAS qualified officials usually serve as SDM in their training periods
SDM are also known as Deputy / Assistant Collector / Assistant Commissioner in various parts of India
Each district will be under the charge of SDM
In India SDM has several roles under IPC codes

Where all SDM has the authority

SDM in revenue section

SDM are provided as the job of assistant collectors / revenue assistants who are primarly responsible for day to day revenue work
The subordinates of SDM are supervised by Tehsildars

SDM in magisterial section

SDM acts as executive magistrates
SDM are responsible for maintainenance of law, and citizens dont break rule and control them
SDMS are to look on different activities done by the law maintaining police force

SDM in disaster section

SDM are responsible for relief and rehabilitation operations if any disaster occuries in their duty premises
SDM are responsible to coordinate and implement disaster management plans

Other full forms of SDM