OPD Full Form

What is the full form of OPD?

The major full form of OPD is Out Patient Department.

OPD full form

What is OPD?

An Outpatient Department which is abbreviated as OPD is also known as an outpatient clinic. It is a component of a hospital dedicated to the treatment of outpatients, or people with health problems who visit the hospital for diagnosis or treatment but do not require a bed or overnight care. Today’s hospitals have outpatient sections that offer a wide range of therapeutic alternatives, diagnostic tests, and minor surgical procedures.

A hospital’s outpatient department provides diagnosis and care for patients who do not require overnight hospitalization. The departments are at times allocated to as outpatient health care units, but they are distinguishable or different from clinics independent of hospitals, almost all of which are designed essentially or solely for outpatient care and are also referred to as outpatient clinics.

The outpatient department is critical to the hospital’s overall operation. It is typically and majorly integrated with in-patient facilities and staffed by consultant physicians and surgeons who also attend inpatients on the wards. Many patients are examined and treated as outpatients before being admitted to the hospital as inpatients. They may return to the outpatient clinic for follow-up care after being discharged. The outpatient department is typically located on the ground floor of the hospital, with nearby parking. Non-ambulatory patients can use wheelchairs and stretchers. Patients will check in at a reception desk and will be seated while they wait for their appointments. Each doctor will have his or her own consulting room, and there may be smaller waiting areas nearby. Pediatric clinics are frequently held in separate areas from adult clinics. X-ray facilities, laboratories, the medical record office, and a pharmacy will be nearby.
Among the amenities; restrooms, public telephones, a cafeteria or lunch counter, a water dispenser, and a quiet room are available to patients and their family in the main lounge. Outpatients may be treated in the same departments as patients who stay overnight at some hospitals since they do not have distinct outpatient departments.

Reforms of an OPD 

Outpatient clinics in the United Kingdom are trapped “in the 18th century,” according to the Royal College of Physicians, and are an expensive waste of time and money. In 2017, there were 127 million appointments, with roughly 20% of them being cancelled or the patient failing to show up. They were late 57% of the time. More remote observation, video and phone consultations, and senior nurses running clinics closer to people’s homes were all on their wish list. According to the NHS Long Term Plan, by 2024, up to a third of face-to-face outpatient consultations will be handled through video link. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in England, most routine visits were cancelled, prompting a major move to video appointments. With support from NHSX, the Attend Anywhere digital healthcare service was launched across NHS organizations in England in March 2020, and by May 2020, it had been utilized for over 79,000 consultations.

Let us now look at some other meanings of the abbreviation OPD,

OPD Full Form in Insurance 

OPD or Out Patient Department cover is a new provision incorporated in health insurance policies from companies such as Apollo Munich, ICICI Lombard, Bajaj Allianz, and Cigna TTK. Most health insurance plans only cover inpatient costs, limiting the breadth of coverage for outpatient department costs. Consultation fees with doctors, health check-ups, pharmacy bills, dental treatment, diagnostic tests, and so on are examples of these costs.

Why should one purchase health insurance that includes outpatient care?
• OPD coverage in health insurance policies grants the policyholder to assert expenses other than those incurred during hospitalization.
• When compared to traditional health insurance policies, these plans offer significant tax advantages. Policyholders can get a tax break on the premiums they pay for certain types of health insurance coverage. There is no tax deduction at source for claims (TDS).
• The insured can claim reimbursement on expenses several times during the policy year in most health insurance policies with OPD coverage.
• Outpatient health services cover a wide range of services, resulting in a higher volume of transactions. As a result, a health insurance policy with OPD coverage is more expensive than a conventional health insurance policy.
• This coverage also covers pharmacy expenditures, making it easier for people who have a lot of them.
• Regular health insurance policies base claims and coverage on a 24-hour hospitalization period. The sum assured under the OPD Cover is determined on the insured’s age. OPD charges must be claimed within 90 days of the health insurance coverage being purchased.

OPD Full Form in Software

Outsourced product development (OPD) is a technique in which a company contracts a third-party supplier to produce goods and services in a range of sectors (including IT, business, communication, and HR), as well as to generate ideas. Strategic planning, communication, teamwork, management, and specialized resources all play a role in the success of the OPD. The effectiveness of OPD implementation is reliant on the ongoing and persisting connections of decision makers, particularly managers, engineers, and business owners. Communication, production quality, and, ultimately, customer happiness are all improved as a result of this teamwork.

The following are some of the OPD’s implementation suggestions:
• Daylight hours for development.
• Evening time for testing
• To reduce time zone differences, companies outsource to places north and south of their corporate offices and manufacturing operations.
• Recruiting and employing top-notch employees. Innovation should never be restrained by distance.
• Smaller groups are more productive than larger body. To ensure team cohesiveness, management must strike a balance.
• The expense of intellectual property (IP) is an unavoidable component of doing business. If IP considerations are not enforced, switching providers or developing creative goods to retain customers may be necessary.
• Although logistical abilities necessitate creativity, the major goal is to closely evaluate OPD’s impact on production quality and customer happiness.
• The IT industry (which includes Microsoft, Adobe, and Cisco’s offshore branch offices) represents for about 15% of the OPD market.

OPD Full Form in Psychology 

Organic personality disorder (OPD) is not included in the group of personality disorders, despite its apparent title. As a result, the organic personality disorder’s symptoms and diagnostic criteria differ from those of the other mental health diseases included in this diverse group. Organic personality disorder is characterized with a “significant modification of the habitual patterns of premorbid behavior,” according to the 10th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10). This illness has a significant impact on emotions, impulses, and personal requirements. As an outcome, all of these definitions of organic personality disorder uphold the idea that this type of condition is associated to personality and behavior changes.

“Personality change due to a general medical illness” is linked to organic personality disorder. Organic personality disorder is a type of personality disorder that encompasses a wide range of personality and behavioral issues. Disease, brain damage, or dysfunctions in certain frontal lobe brain areas can all contribute to this mental health problem. Traumatic brain damage is the most common cause of this significant alteration in personality (TBI). Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), and organic personality disorder may be present in children whose brain areas have been harmed or destroyed. Furthermore, this condition is known as “frontal lobe syndrome.” This distinctive nomenclature indicates that organic personality disorder is frequently caused by lesions in three frontal lobe brain regions. Traumatic brain lesions in the orbitofrontal cortex, anterior cingulate cortex, and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex can all elicit symptoms of organic personality disorder. It is worth noting that injuries in other restricted brain locations can also produce organic personality disorder.

OPD Full Form in Banking 

Only the provinces of Alberta and Nova Scotia provide the Orderly Payment of Debts, which is abbreviated as OPD. OPD starts with a court application for an Order combining unsecured debts into a single monthly payment with a 5% interest rate and a three-year payment period. Many sorts of unsecured creditors are legally bound by OPD if they have requested to be included in the arrangement and owe more than $1,000.00. However, certain types of obligations, such as income taxes and company debts, are excluded. Provincial credit counsellors are in charge of administering OPD.

E- OPD Full Form 

E-OPD is a website that provides online registration services. Patients can use online services to register for appointments, pay costs, view diagnostic reports, and check for blood availability. Patients can arrange an appointment in the outpatient department (OPD) and check lab reports and blood availability with this type of service. It has alleviated the hardship that a patient/person would have to endure if they were to rush from one pillar to another in order to obtain blood throughout their hospitalization.

How does it work?
The e-OPD system is based on an online registration system (ORS). ORS is an online/digital system that allows users to register for hospital appointments in India’s various districts and states. In some organizations, a digital registration system is being implemented, with registration and appointments made through the Hospital Management Information System (HMIS).

How do we schedule an appointment using the e-OPD Portal?
• This technology allows patients to arrange appointments in specific hospitals via an internet portal in a variety of departments. This site allows patients to schedule appointments online.
• If the data of Aadhaar number and cellphone number is registered with the Unique Identification Authority of India, patients can use e-OPD to discover every aspect of their appointment (UIDAI).
• If the patient’s cellphone number is not registered with UIDAI, the system/portal falls back to using the patient’s name.
• A Unique Health Identification (UHID) number will be assigned to any new patient who enrolls for the first time in the system.
• If the Aadhaar number is linked to a UHID number, the UHID number will not change, and a new appointment will be created.

ENT OPD Full Form 

Patients with ear, nose, neck, and throat problems, as well as hearing loss, dizziness, and tinnitus, can visit this outpatient clinic. ENT OP also provides surgical hearing restoration services, including the cochlear implant, which is programmed in collaboration with the department’s audiologist. During the sessions, each consultant is accompanied by a team of doctors.

RAK OPD Full Form 

Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, and Shri Ashwini Kumar Choubey, MoS (HFW), jointly inaugurated the Rajkumari Amrit Kaur OPD Block of AIIMS, New Delhi. Prof. R. Guleria, Director of AIIMS, and other key AIIMS officials were also a part of this OPD block. Dr. Harsh Vardhan expressed his delight about the new OPD which was named after Smt. Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur, the country’s first Health Minister and a renowned freedom fighter. Slowly but steadily, we are heading in the path of winning the struggle against the pandemic, was how the officials elaborated on the country’s united efforts against COVID-19.

Only about 2% of COVID patients were admitted to intensive care units. The lab network was strengthened; the number of labs has increased exponentially from one in January 2020. They have more than 3.26 samples every day to date. In 12 weeks, the capacity had been increased to 10 lakh tests each day. This was in line with the rising number of recovered cases and the widening gap between recovered and active instances (2,81,668). This indicates that the steps adopted as part of the ‘Whole of Government’ strategy’s graded, pre-emptive, and proactive approach are yielding favorable effects. The Director of AIIMS and other officials hastened the operationalization of the Mother and Child Block, the Elderly Block, and the Surgery Block so that people could benefit from them as soon as possible.

The officials and department heads have an extensive and collaborative brainstorming sessions in each department to review and analyze the innovative initiatives that may be done to ensure that all patients who visit AIIMS New Delhi receive the best possible care.

PMR OPD Full Form

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) is a surgical specialty recognized by India’s Medical Council that strives to help patients achieve maximal function despite their residual handicap. This is accomplished through treating, teaching, training, and mentally tempering the impaired person in a coordinated manner. These four approaches are combined to achieve positive improvements in all aspects of the patients’ lives, turning people who would otherwise be resource consumers into resource producers, i.e. teaching patients how to care for themselves and training them for a new career.

Because of PMR’s holistic approach, a disabled patient can receive all aspects of rehabilitation from a single department, whereas his or her treatment would otherwise be dispersed among multiple hospital departments and non-hospital providers. As a result, PMR and a wide range of specialties have some overlap.
General medicine, neurology, orthopedics, pediatrics, plastic surgery, psychiatry, and urology are among the medical and surgical specialties. PMR is also responsible for Biomechanical Engineering and the technology connected to the use of newer composites in Orthotics and Prosthetics.

ILI OPD Full Form 

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on non-essential health services. We started screening for Influenza Like Illness (ILI) in order to resume out-patient services at a tertiary care center, and this study aimed to see how effective it was at pruning out COVID-19. Methods: During the study period, we included all patients who visited the OPD for an appointment. Details on the patient, as well as ILI symptoms, were taken down. After two weeks, patients were contacted via phone for follow-up. The purpose of the telephonic follow-up was to confirm the RT-PCR status and to inquire about any newly established ILI after the OPD visit (within the last 14 days). Results: Of the 957 patients registered, 929 were successfully followed up with over the phone after 14 days. Only 13 people were ruled out as having ‘probable ILI’ because their RT-PCR results were negative or they didn’t follow up with a confirmatory test.

The rest of the patients had a telephonic follow-up to ensure RT-PCR status and complaints of any newly established ILI after an OPD visit (within the last 14 days). Only one out of 957 participants tested positive for COVID-19. Conclusion: The national positivity rate was low during the study’s time period (around 3 percent ). As a result, in a resource-constrained country like India, it is prudent to resume OPD services in the pre-existing setup utilizing minimum safeguards and a verbal questionnaire as the pandemic progresses.


Other full forms of OPD

OPD Oakland Police Department Law enforcement agency(California)
OPD Orlando Police Department Law enforcement within the city limits(Florida)