NOC Full Form

NOC Full Form

The Full form of acronym NOC is "No Objection Certificate"

What is NOC?

NOC Full Form

NOC stands for No Objection Certificate. It is a legal document which is issued or sought by an organization, institute or an individual. The main purpose of this certificate is to say that they have no objection in the above mentioned details in the document. The NOC can be used in various areas :1 employment, trade, immigration, litigation, and many other purposes so as to nullify any objection from the opposite party involved in the process. A NOC is an essential legal document which also used in : vital bank process, vehicle and house registration, etc. Most of the government-based departments require a NOC certification, especially from the Indian subcontinent.

When is a NOC issued?

In India, a legal document like NOC may be sought by an employer, employee, tenant, landlord or any individual. It can also be used while,
• Making a trade.
• An offer
• Or a business of any kind.
In the court of law, a NOC can be used for/or against anyone. The No Objection Certificate usually comprises of basic details of the parties involved. Once the NOC is issued, it’s validation period is up to six months. So it is important to re- register for the NOC again.

How to obtain a NOC in India?

• He/she should visit the closest RTO and fill a NOC application using form 28.
• Along with the required documents, submit the form 28.
• Pay a fees of 100/- for the completion of the document.
• Once the NOC is filled, the RTO will contact the nearest police station for further investigation and verification.
• You must pay the outstanding dues if any, and the RTO will subsequently issue an NOC.

Merits of a NOC 

• In the areas of trade, employment, education, etc. a NOC helps to clear disputes between the parties involved.
• NOC exterminate legal issues.
• NOC helps to boost the credit score while submission to the credit bureaus.
• NOC helps to avoid emotional hassle between a lender and the buyer.
A NOC or No-objection certificate authorizes an individual to carry out an action proposed to the concerned authority by stating that the authority has no objections regarding the same. There are many legal situations where a letter of NOC or no objection certificate is required. The precise format of the certificate depends upon the situation. A NOC template can be used to help the applicant to ensure that the application is well presented, worded correctly and looks professional.

Let us now look at the other meanings of the abbreviation NOC,

NOC full form in Olympics 

NOC full form in olympics is "National Olympic Committee". It is one of the three constituents of the worldwide Olympic movement. The NOC was established on 23 June, 1894. People’s participation in the Olympic Games are organized by the NOCs. There are 206 National Olympic Committees. The promotion of the fundamental principles and values of Olympism in the respective countries in the field of sports and education is the main agenda of the NOC.

NOC full form in Vehicle 

NOC in vehicle stands for No-objection certificate. It is an essential document if one wants to change his/her vehicle registration number. It is basically a legal document which is issued or sought from the regional RTO for re-registration of a vehicle from one state to another. Basically, this certification verifies that there are no dues of tax on the vehicle.

NOC full form in Cricket 

As a measure of commitment to safeguard International cricket, the IPL or the Indian Premier League decided to incorporate the NOC for all the IPL players including the retired cricketers. The NOC should be certified from the player’s home Board for a time period of two years. Though the NOC regulation came into existence among the cricketers in the earlier days of IPL, now is applied across the board for all the leagues and members.

NOC full form in Banking 

As we know, loans play a vital role to bridge the financial barrier of an individual. As far as loan and NOC are concerned, this document is issued by the lender stating that the borrower has cleared all the dues of the bank. Once the loan payment has been cleared, it’s important to collect the NOC from the lender which includes :
• Your name
• Loan details
• Property address
• Date of loan closure.
Also, all rights of the lender is acquitted by the NOC over the collateral. The NOC is required for a myriad of other loans which includes : home loan, car loan, business loan, personal loan, loan against property, loan against shares, etc.

NOC full form in College 

He/she has to submit a written application or request letter mentioning the reason for which the NOC is required, from the college. Usually, the NOC is required for admissions , jobs, events and travel purposes. The NOC is also required in colleges for : college transfer, studying abroad, change of department, attending workshops, etc.

NOC full form in Networking 

NOC full form in networking is "Network Operations Center". It is a centralized location which helps the IT teams to continuously monitor the performance and working of a network. The first line of defense against network disruptions and failures is served by the NOC. The NOC organizations can detect the anomalies and take steps to prevent the issues as they emerge, through gaining full visibility into their network.

NA NOC full form 

NA stands for Non-Agricultural. NA NOC is required during the buying and selling of a property land or building. An agricultural land needs to be converted into non-agricultural land, in order to develop a housing society or residential flats. Though the land is owned by that person itself, an agricultural land cannot be used for construction. So as to bring this into order, NOC is required.

NOC full form in Telecom 

NOC full form in telecom is  "Network Operation Center". It includes activities which look after the firewalls, network devices, servers, virtual machines or VMs, databases, wireless systems, etc.

Employer NOC Full Form 

An employee working in an organization has got an on-site opportunity to work in an organization which is abroad. In this case, he/she must have an NOC. On failing, the jurisdiction of another country will take legal action against him/her. An employee can apply for a NOC by getting in touch with the respected authority and by submitting a written application to the Manager or the HR department.
The structure of NOC provided by an employer to the employee comprises of :
• Date of NOC.
• Official Letterhead.
• The Visa Center’s address.
• Name of applicant.
• Applicant’s designation.
• Salary of the Employee.
• Date of joining.
• Contact details of the HR department.
• Designation of NOC approving officer.
• Address of the company.

NOC engineer Full Form 

An expert who primarily executes and screens large computer networks is known as a NOC or Network operation center Engineer. They analyze the issues, implement trouble shootings etc. on the system and communicate it with the field technician for better resolution so as to meet the business goals or objectives. The major responsibilities of a NOC engineer also includes : network administration, network support management, switching and routing, etc.

NOC Team full form 

NOC team is a place which enterprise information technology or IT administrators or professionals who supervise, monitor and maintain a telecommunication network. These teams have a centralized room which is usually equipped with devices that provides visualization and miniaturization of networks. A NOC works as a nervous system of an organization which helps to manage and optimize business critical tasks, etc.

NOC full form in Chat 

NOC full form in chat is “No One Cares” in the world of internet and slangs. It is usually used as sign of ignorance or hatred. It is a very common abbreviation used among the youngsters on various online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

NOC full form in School 

NOC is a letter furnished by the Educational Department of the state or Union Territory with respect to the location of a school. Revocation of the NOC rule was done in the year 2013 and was brought back into board for all the schools seeking affiliation. Anyone willing to open a school or any educational institution must seek the NOC from the government.

NOC full form in Memes 

NOC in memes stands for “Not Original Content”. It is usually used to mock someone who uploads something which is not of his/her creation. The credit goes to the owner of the creation. Usually fan-based pages give credits to the original creator while re-posting the content on their pages.

TRAI NOC full form 

TRAI stand for Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. It is a regulatory framework set up under the section 3 of by the Government of India in the 1997. The TRAI issued a warning to the consumers asking them to be vigilant and aware of fraudsters producing NOC for the installation of mobile towers.

NOC full form in Computers 

NOC or network operation center helps to monitor and oversees the network activities, performance, reports and dashboards. They also overview the customer help desk systems which includes : ticketing based and voice based activities.

Other full forms of NOC

NOC National Oil Corporation National oil company of Libya
NOC Non-Official Cover Term used in espionage
NOC National Occupational Classification Resource on occupational information in Canada