MLA Full Form

MLA Full Form

The full form of MLA is' Member of the Legislative Assembly'

mla full form

Who is a MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly)?

The federal structure or system of the Indian system of governance is a three-tiered system, which includes the Union or Central Government, holding the highest executive position. The State government which constitutes as the second tier in the federal structure is delegated with some of the powers of the Union Government. They are vested with exclusive executive powers which is under the governance of the ruling political party. The final tier comprises the Municipalities and the Panchayats, involved in local level governance.

MLA or Member of the Legislative Assembly is a representative who is elected by the voters of an electoral division or by a body of citizens entitled to elect a representative at the legislature of the State government in the Indian system of government. One representative is elected by the people of the constituency, who then becomes an MLA or the member of the Legislative Assembly. Each state has seven to nine MLAs for every Member of Parliament (MP) that are representatives of the Lok Sabha. The position given to the elected MLAs decides their responsibility which they have to carry on for the tenure of five years.

Role of an MLA 

An MLA should be able to fulfill as many as four distinct roles,
• The first and the foremost role of an MLA is that of a Legislator. It includes the understanding of the soul and spirit of the existing laws, planning new laws, studying, discussing and then to support or oppose the enactment of the new laws.
• As a Representative of his/her constituency. An MLA may voice concerns on behalf of his/her constituents. Represent viewpoints or intercede and also, assist to solve an issue appropriately.
• An MLA is also a Member of an elected party caucus, which helps in the planning and orchestrating strategies of the House. To support the caucus and it's decisions. Developing expertise in the given subject areas.
• Depending of the political fortunes and views of his/her party, an MLA may serve as a Cabinet Minister or Opposition Critic.
Election Process of an MLA :
The MLAs are elected directly by the citizens of an electoral division or constituency. The following is the procedure to elect an MLA.
• Elections are held after the termination of the current assembly’s tenure which is generally after a period of five years.
• On the basis of population, every state is divided into different constituencies.
• The citizens over 18 years of age vote for the candidates belonging to these constituencies.
• The candidate can contest the elections independently or can be affiliated to a specific political party.
• The candidates are required to organize a rally for themselves by voicing their plans and concerns of their constituency.
• The voting is done through a secret ballot to ensure that only the voter knows whom he/she ha voted for.
• In case the candidate lacks adequate representation in the assembly, the Governor of the State has the executive power of nominating a member from the Anglo-Indian community.

Qualification/ Eligibility To Become a MLA 

MLAs are vested with responsibilities which includes legislative, financial, executive and electoral powers. The following are the required qualifications to become an MLA.
• He/she must be an Indian citizen.
• He/she must be 25 years and above to become an MLA.
• He/she must not hold an office of interest under the Government of India.
• No person can be qualified to be an MLA or a member of the Legislative Council of a state unless the individual is a voter from a constituency of the state, in accordance with the Representation of the People Act, 1951.
• The individual should not be convicted of any kind of offence and sentenced to imprisonment of 2 years or more.

MLA full form in Research 

MLA stand for 'Modern Language Association' in Research

MLA or the Modern Language Association is a citation style establishes values for the acquired sources, used in a research paper. MLA citation style uses a two part parenthetical documentation system for citing the sources. MLA format helps one to document their sources and format of their paper. Depending on the subject area of the research, the mentor asks their students to cite the sources in the MLA style. MLA
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Other full forms of MLA

MLA Member of Legislative Assembly A Representative elected by the voters in Indian system of government
MLA Medical Library Association A nonprofit, educational organization
MLA Medical Laboratory Assistant A medical laboratory professional
MLA Mandated Lead Arranger A bank organising a Syndicated loan
MLA Malta International Airport An aiport in Malta.
MLA Meat & Livestock Australia A non profit organisation in Australia’s red meat industry.
MLA Modular Longitudinal Architecture A car platform developed by Jaguar Land Rover
MLA Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam A school in Netherlands.
MLA Mercury Laser Altimeter A instrument developed by NASA to provide information of Mercury’s surface