IPS Full Form

IPS Full Form

The major full form of IPS is 'Indian Police Service'

ips full form

IPS Meaning

IPS, which is full formed as Indian Police Service, is one of the three All India Services of the government of India recruited through the Civil Service Examination (CSE) by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Indian Police Service is formed in the year 1948 and is existing under the controlling authority of the Ministry of Home Affairs. There are several functional departments under the IPS for the efficient fulfillment of the functions in the most systematic way with proper responsibility. The functional departments are categorized as Crime Branch, Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Home Guards, Traffic Bureau and more.

Over 8 lakh candidates apply for the IPS examination each year and barely 100 or so get through it as IPS officers. The selection process for this post comprises a preliminary test, a main examination, and an interview/ personality test. The process of selection normally begins in the month of June with the preliminary and finishes by April. Final merit list of IPS will be declared in May.

It is a national level examination for which the candidate should have a graduation from any recognized university. The post is applicable only for Indian citizen and in order to write the examination, the candidate should have a minimum age of 21 years the maximum age depends upon the category and physical disability. Candidates under unreserved category and EWS can have 6 attempts in total to clear the examination and the number of attempts are more for other categories. Officers who are already serving on IAS or IFS posts are not eligible to apply for IPS.

The salary of IPS officers in India is an attracting fact that brings an extreme urge to get into this post. The remuneration of an IPS officer begins at Rs.56,100 per month which will rise up to Rs.2,25,000 for a DGP and the HRA, TA and DA are additional to it .In the new system, Consolidated Pay Levels have been introduced by removing the Pay Grades for Civil Service System. Today, the IPS pay scale is determined only on the Basic Pay along with TA, DA, and HRA. The salary of IPS officers increases with occupancy and seniority.

However, IPS salary should not be the prime motif behind participating in the CSE. Being an IPS officer is a matter of great pride and it unravels an opportunity to serve the country. IPS is the elite bureaucracy which have the duty to supply leaders and commanders to the central forces and also to the state police set up. An IPS officer has to serve with responsibility in several sectors including border, investigation and security. The IPS officer have the duty of maintaining peace and order by controlling crimes and other offences. They have to get to grips with terrorism and a range of other misdeeds. He/ she has to lead and command the wings of IB, CBI, Research and Analysis, and CAPF in the whole country. They serve for the Indian railway and also serve as HODs in policy making for various ministries and departments.

IPS Full Form in Banking

IPS mean 'Investment Policy Statement' in Banking

In banking, IPS have various versions of full forms which denotes different terms and aspects. IPS stands for Investment Policy Statement which is a document that outlines general rules for the manager and is drafted between a portfolio manager and a client. It describes the general investment goals and objectives of a client and explains the strategies that the manager should do to meet these goals. Particular information on matters such as risk tolerance, asset allocation and liquidity requirements are also contained in IPS.

IPS are frequently used by investment and financial advisors to document an investment plan. An envisaged IPS helps both the manager and the investor to fix the focus on the long term objectives. It act as a guidance in informed decision- making and can be used as a root map to successful invests by deviating from misdeeds. A well- conceived IPS sets forth asset allocation targets and initiate a systematic review process that enable the investor to concentrate focus on the long term objectives. It should contain monitoring and control procedures to be followed by everyone included in the investment process.

Another full form for IPS in banking is Interbank Payment System. It is a system to transfer funds from one account to another held at any of the participating member banks and financial institutions safely and efficiently. It supports direct credit which means account to account payment and direct debit or collection related transactions. Various products could have underlying transaction.

Integrated Payment System is another full form of IPS, which is a software that makes reconciliation easy by integrating with one’s ERP and allows him/her to accept payment. It automatically maps every transaction or customs order to a specific ID of payment. This avoids the necessity of going back to the business database and cross check each transaction. It goes beyond simple debit card and credit card processing and helps to streamline business operations. IPS integrates automatic payment acceptance by smooth- running the payment acceptance process. It also eliminates the need for one to tinker with his/her ledger regarding afterward payments and further prevents the condition to connect written copies of transaction information with digital invoices to match payments to the right invoices. IPS automatically processes and posts payments to its associated sale or invoice and thus improves the customs experience and save time. It allows one to analyse crucial data and improves one’s cash flow by cutting his/her costs. Also, it minimizes mistakes and unnecessary costs. ICICI banks offer this system.

In banking, another IPS is Infinity Profit System, which is a pure and simple cash gifting pyramid scheme. It is a trading software that gives awareness about the trading opportunities available in the forex market. It is a personal branding e- cost and blogging platform which works on a 1-3-5 step system. In every 2nd and 4th sale, one have to pass the commission to his/her sponsor. The system offers to re-sell IPS to make money.

IPS also have the full form as Institutional Protection Scheme. It is defined in CRR as a contractual or statutory liability arrangement which protects its member institutions and in specific, it ensures the liquidity and solvency of member institutions necessary to prevent bankruptcy. These are banking groups with central bodies. The key objective of IPS is the protection of member institutions and disinclination of the emerging or currently surviving financial troubles for these institutions. The security granted by the scheme covers customer claims associated with saving deposits, saving certificates, time deposits, bearer bonds and sight deposits.
There are a few other meanings of IPS abbreviation in connection with banking. It encompasses Internet Payment System, Income Participating Security, and Inflation – Protected Security. IPS can also be expanded as Integrated Process Solutions and Intermediate Production Staff.

IPS Full Form in Medical Field

IPS stand for 'Induced Pluripotent Stem cell' in Medical

Induced Pluripotent Stem cell (IPS) is a body cell that has been reprogrammed to behave as an embryonic stem cell, which means to be able to assort into cells that are capable to regenerate and repair various kinds of diseased or damaged tissues. These cells have the capacity to self- renew by dividing and to grow into the three primary germ cell layers of the early embryo and thus into adult body’s all cells, but not extra-embryonic tissues like placenta. These cells could probably be taken for regenerative cell therapy to circumvent the rejection of transplanted stem cells by the patient’s immune system. IPS cells are generated from the somatic cells which are reprogrammed. They are not limited to the growth and morphology of ESC, self renewal, and potential differentiation into several cell types. These cells are capable of propagating themselves indefinitely under specifically defined conditions . The differentiation potential IPS cells are recognized on the basis of embryoid body- formation and teratoma- formation assays.

Another full form of IPS in medical side is Idiopathic Postprandial Syndrome. People with IPS have the hypoglycaemia symptoms 2 to 4 hours after a meal, but they lack low blood glucose. Usually this occurs after a high- carbohydrate meal. This is also named as carbohydrate intolerance or allergic postprandial syndrome or idiopathic reactive hypoglycaemia. The symptoms of IPS are similar to hypoglycaemia, but they are less severe . Symptoms like shakiness, nervousness, anxiety, sweating, chills, irritability, clamminess, impatience, dizziness, rapid heart rate, nausea, sleepiness hunger, impaired eye vision, fatigue, weakness, head ache, etc occur after a meal. IPS symptoms does not usually develop to seizures, coma, or brain damage, but the symptoms occur with severe hypoglycaemia. Further, people having hypoglycaemia may not have notable symptoms in their daily lives.

Another full forms for IPS in medical area are Identifying Patient Sets, International Patient Services, and International Primatological Society.

IPS Full Form in Computer

The full form of IPS in computer section is 'Intrusion Prevention System'.

It is also known in another name as Intrusion Detection and Prevention System or IDPS. IPS is a network security or an appliance for threat prevention which monitors network and system functions for malevolent and spiteful activity like security threat or policy violation and prevent recognized threats. IPS can take quick action by dropping a packet that it finds to be spiteful and blocks all additional traffic from that part or IP address. It continuously monitors the
network, looking for the probability of possible malicious activities and collect details about them.

IPS is an automated network security tool to observe and respond to potential threats. It can be a hardware device or software and the idea behind IPS/ is to build an anticipatory approach to network security and thus to recognize and react swiftly against potential threats. It is used to examine network traffic flows in order to identify malicious software and to prevent vulnerable exploitations. It is a tool to continuously observe a network in real time to prevent a threat from causing damage. IPS is made to elaborate the base capabilities invented in intrusion detection systems. Multiple response strategies are applied by them which encompasses the prevention of attack by IPS itself, substituting the security surroundings or commuting the content under threat.

Intrusion Prevention System is basically categorized into 4 types. It comprises Network- based Intrusion Prevention System or NIPS which monitors the complete network by analysing protocol activity for doubtful traffic, Wireless Behaviour Analysis or NBA which scrutinize network traffic to find threats that create unusual traffic flows like distributed denial of service attacks, particular forms of malware and policy breaking, Wireless Intrusion Prevention System or WIPS which monitors wireless networks for incredulous and doubtful traffic by examining wireless networking protocol, and Host-based Intrusion Prevention System or HIPS which is an inbuilt software package that handles a single host for suspicious actions by scanning events that happen within that host.

IPS Full Form in Civil Engineering

In civil engineering, IPS flooring has a full form as Indian Patent Stone flooring.

It is a basic and beautiful flooring that contributes good wearing properties. IPS flooring can be grey or coloured. When becomes red, it is also known as “red oxide flooring”. IPS flooring is a normal type of concrete flooring that is used for almost all types of floors. It normally uses a thickness of 50 mm. In general, the mix proportion of IPS flooring is 1:1.5: 3 for cement, sand and stone aggregate respectively. Construction of IPS flooring requires the significant parameters such as glass/ PVC or aluminium strips, ceramic tile flooring cost per square feet India, concreting method of 50 mm thick Indian Patent Stone flooring, IPS floor in construction of 75 mm thickness, measurement mode of Indian Patent

Stone flooring, IPS in skirting/ dado of 19 mm thickness, and measurement of PVC strip and glass strip .
Flooring thickness of concrete from 25 mm to 50 mm is laid over the concrete base which is almost 3 to 4 inches thick plain cement concrete base. The thickness of IPS flooring can be determined as per the work requirement; in residential floor thickness of 75 mm is sufficient whereas industrial floor thickness should be up to 150 mm.

Before IPS flooring, prepare the sub base by watering and ramming and ensure that no loose material are left. As per the requirement, level the surface and stone soling layer of 150 mm to 230 mm. As it won’t be able maintain slope in IPS layer due to limited thickness, it is recommended to provide adequate slope in PCC. Door frames should be fixed before the flooring work for the actual perfection.

Other full forms of IPS

IPS Indian Police Service One of the three major Civil Services
IPS Indian Psychiatric Society Association of Psychiatrists
IPS Intrusion Prevention System Form of network security
IPS Inter Press Service Global news agency
IPS Inch per second A unit of speed or velocity
IPS Instructions Per Second Measure of a computer’s processor speed
IPS Ice Protection Systems System used in aircraft
IPS Institute for Palestine Studies Independent institute
IPS Indianapolis Public Schools A school district in Indianapolis
IPS Identity and Passport Service An executive agency of the home office