ICU Full Form

ICU Full Form

The major full form of ICU is Intensive Care Unit.

icu full form

What does ICU mean?

ICU which stands for Intensive care unit is a special department or section of a health care facility which provides intensive care to the patients. It is also known as ITC or CCU which is Intensive therapy unit or critical care unit respectively.

ICU cater with patients having severe or life threatening diseases and injuries. These patients require constant care and close supervision. ICU provides them with life supporting equipment and medications which ensures normal bodily functions. This department is staffed by highly trained physicians, nurses and also respiratory specialists who have specialized in this area to deal with the patients with utmost care .

ICUs are often distinguished from the general medical wards by a higher staff-to-patient ratio which allows access to advanced medical resources which is not routinely available in the general hospital wards.

The patients suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome, septic shock and other life threatening diseases or conditions need to be treated within the ICUs.

History of ICU:

The concept of advanced life support was established by anesthesiologist Peter Safar in the year 1950. Keeping the patients sedated and ventilated in a intense care environment was the main agenda behind this thought. As a specialist, Peter Safar is considered as the first practitioner of intense care medicine.
In 1953, the first intensive care unit or ICU was established in Copenhagen by Bjørn Aage Ibsen. The ICU was established in response to a polio epidemic where many patients required constant surveillance and ventilation.

In the United States, William Mosenthal a surgeon did the first application of ICU in the year 1955. In the 1960s, cardiac arrhythmias as a source of morbidity and morality in myocardial infarction’s importance was recognized. And this led to the routine use of the monitoring of cardiology related illnesses which was carried out in the ICUs.

Types of ICUs :

The ICUs are further specialized into various departments to cater to a specific medical requirement or patient in a hospital, let us look at some of them.

• Coronary care unit :

It deals with patients who undergo life threatening cardiac conditions i.e. a myocardial infarction or a cardiac arrest. Compared to any other ICU departments, the coronary care unit has a much higher staff-to-patient ratio.

• Geriatric intensive care unit :

This section is dedicated to the management of critically ill elderly. This unit provides intensive observation and treatment to the patients which are caused due to ageing. Geriatric medical care includes facilities like physical therapy, occupational therapy, IV therapy and dialysis etc.

• Isolation Intensive care unit :

These units are distinguished for patients who are suspected or diagnosed with contagious diseases who are advised to be isolated from other people. These patients are moved to the general ward after their complete recovery.

Let us now look at other meanings of the acronym ICU,

• ICU full form in Automobile :

ICU or Ignition control Unit is a system which comprises of a sophisticated ignition coil. It is more of an on or off switch, inside a distributor there is a sensor which sends out signal to the ICM and then it is used to fire up the ignition coil which will later create enough energy for the spark plugs.

• CTVs ICU full form :

It is a medical field which involves surgical treatments of organs inside of the thorax or the chest. Generally treats conditions related to heart and lungs. Major conditions like congenital heart disease, aneurysm and aortic disease, cardiomyopathy etc. are treated under the CTVs.

• ICU full form in Computers :

ICU stands for interfere converter unit in the world of computers. It is a conversation device which is capable of transferring data from one device to another.

• NICU full form :

NICU stands for newborn intensive care unit. It is a department which operates as a nursery in a hospital to provide intensive care to premature babies. This section has best health care professionals who are trained to provide the best possible care to your baby.

• SICU full form :

SICU ICU stand for surgical intensive care unit. It is a specialized service department which provides impatient care to the critically ill patients who are on surgical services. These patients are observed and their treatment is managed only under the supervision of surgeons or anesthesiologists .

• HDU ICU full form:

HDU or High independency unit is an intermediate ward for the patients who needs close observation and treatment. These patients cannot be provided with nursing care in a general ward, basically the patients whose care is not as critical to be warranted with a ICU bed is observed in this unit. Until a patient’s condition stabilizes to be qualified for a discharge to a general ward, he/she is observed in the high independency unit. Mostly, the patients who had a major operation are observed in the HDU.

Other Full forms of ICU


Academic & Science, Academic Degrees

International Christian University (ICU)


Miscellaneous Chat & Messaging

I See You (ICU)


Computing Libraries & DLLs

International Components for Unicode  (ICU)


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Regional Organizations

Imperial College Union (ICU)



Associations & OrganizationsSports & Recreation Organizations

International Cheer Union (ICU)


Arts Musical Group

Inner City Unit (ICU)



International Chalu Union (ICU)


BusinessCompanies & Corporations

Investment Capital Ukraine (ICU)


Academic & ScienceUniversities & Institutions

Istanbul Commerce University (ICU)


Transport & TravelRoads & Highways

Intersection Capacity Utilization (ICU)


Academic & ScienceUniversities & Institutions

Information and Communications University (ICU)


Associations & OrganizationsExtremist Groups

Islamic Courts Union (ICU)


Other full forms of ICU

ICU International Chalu Union Malayalam comedy platform
ICU Intensive Care Unit Specialized department in a hospital
ICU I See You Abbrevation in chats
ICU International Components for Unicode Set of C/C++ and Java libraries
ICU International Cheer Union Governing body of cheerleading
ICU Intersection Capacity Utilization Techniquw for analyzing a roadway intersection’s capacity
ICU International Christian University Private university in Japan
ICU Imperial College Union Students union of Imperial College (UK)
ICU Inner City Unit Rock band based in UK
ICU Investment Capital Ukraine Financial group based in Ukraine
ICU Istanbul Commerce University Private university in Istanbul
ICU Information and Communications University University in South Korea
ICU Islamic Courts Union Group based in somalia