ETC full form

Most of us have heard the abbreviation “ETC” in various subject areas or fields. But, have you ever tried
to bring that whole bunch of Expansions of “ETC” in to a single basket?
If not, don’t worry, we have made it easy for you. This article is created for that specific purpose.
After reading this complete blog, you will get to know the most common full forms of ETC used in
various subject areas. The article includes the brief descriptions of each ETC’s with their important

ETC full forms And Their Details

etc full form

In this article, I have brought 7 commonly used ETC’s and their descriptions.
You can scroll through the article to familiarize with each ETC’s and their importance. So, without
wasting your time let’s have a look.

An Abbreviation with Multi-Expansions.

  • Etcetera (English)
  • Electronic throttle control (Electrical)
  • Electron toll collection system (automobile)
  • Electron transport chain (Biology)
  • Electronics and telecommunication engineering (Engineering)
  • Emergency trauma care (Medical)
  • Exchange traded commodity (Shipping)

ETC can be confusing, and it might be difficult to know to use the right expansion at the right place.
This article has included the most common expansions of ETC with a brief explanation below.
This might help you to get the right one that you are searching for.

Etcetera (etc) in English

Well, Every English writers must have used this word more than once in their life-time. This word is
miraculous for the writers, since it helps to shorten the sentence length, and also the writer’s precious

Let’s get to know about etc-in English

Etc is a common abbreviation that has been using in English language widely. It is quite popular, since it
can be used to show continuity of a series of similar items.
Etc is used as the short form of the Latin word etcetera. This word got adopted in English and is now
commonly a widely used in English language.

Let’s see where this abbreviation can be used,
• It can be used to add “other similar things”

  • “I use all types of vegetables like carrot, cabbage, onion etc when cooking the lunch.
  • “I want pencil, pen, book etc”
  • “Water pollution can be caused by dumping wastes in water bodies like river, pond,backwaters etc”

These above sentences aims a similar category, the short form “etc” in there shows, other similar things
or same category like the ending words.

ETC Full Form in Electrical

In electrical sense ETC indicates an automobile technique called Electronic throttle control. Electronic
throttle control connects the accelerator pedal of your vehicle to the throttle electrically. This
technology helps to avoid the mechanical force driven during your driving. But instead it uses electronic
signals to control the throttle of the vehicles.

Electronic throttle control can be quite complicated to understand. This system has replaced the
mechanical mode to electrical signals to control the throttle of the vehicle. Both Petrol activated and
diesel activated vehicles have their own way of activating ETC.

The ETC has not achieved more compliments, but rather it has always been questioned by the drivers.
The throttle of vehicles can be controlled mechanically, but still electrical throttle control has put
forward some benefits of using it including the comparatively less wear out than mechanical control of
the throttle.

The ETC has its own benefits, but it is not perfect.
Back in 2009, the ETC was one of the most questioned topics in the news papers. The issue aroused
when the most famous automobile manufacturers, Toyota recalled the vehicles due to acceleration
control problems.

Why not ETC?
Well, ETC has its own benefits as told above. But the question is what if ETC acts its own?
This was one of the most raised doubts among the people that, what if ETC interacts with outside
signals? This might lead to compilations.

ETC in Automobile

Electron toll collection system is a technique used to automatically collect tolls on the toll booths. This
system has made it easy to pay tolls by sitting in the car itself.
The task is made easy by installing an ETC in vehicle device, which allows you to add the ETC card of
The device installed in the car and the antenna installed at the toll booth is connected through a
wireless communication. This is only made possible by installing an ETC in vehicle device.

How it works?.
Electronic toll collection system is simply a system or technique developed to complete the toll
collection on the roads automatically.
The system tracks four main information of the toll card including the date, time, license plate and the
number of axles.

If a vehicle passes through the toll booth, the driver should use the ETC card to pay the toll. The laser
detectors in the toll booth can sense the passing vehicles in the road, by triggering the pass reader

The laser searches for radio frequency emitted from the ETC card when you use it on the inbuilt ETC - in
vehicle device. If the radio signal is not coming, this means that you did not use the card. This activates
the license-plate camera in the toll booth, and the camera snaps a photo of the front license plate. It is
send to the authorities.

ETC Full form in Biology

Electron transport chain is a set of enzyme located in the inner mitochondrial membrane. The cell
organelle Mitochondria conducts a series of enzymatic reaction to produce ATP (energy) for its active

The reaction includes a series of oxidation and reduction reaction (electron releasing and accepting).
The electron transport chain includes a cluster of proteins which helps to transfer the electrons within
the mitochondria. Eventually it helps to form the gradient of protons that lead to the formation of ATP
which is the main source of energy.
An Electron transport chain denotes the 4th / final stage of the Aerobic respiration by which electrons
obtained from different substrates will get transferred to oxygen.


  • NAD & Flavoprotein:- H –Carriers in cellular respiration
  • Non heme metalloprotein ( Fe-S-Protein): iron cycle between 3+ and 2+ states
  • Ubiquinone or CoQ: a multi- subunit structure.
  • Cytochromes; Electro-transfer proteins that contain a heme prosthetic group

AN ETC is composed Four large protein complexes.
1. Complex 1 – NADH-Coenzyme Q reductase
2. Complex 2-Succinate-Coenzyme Q reductase
3. Complex 3 – Cytochrome C reductase
4. Complex4- Cytochrome c oxidase

ETC in Engineering.

Electronics and telecommunication engineering deals with electrical and computer engineering. It
includes the research, design, development of electronic equipments and components.
It is considered as the one of the most sophisticated branch of engineering. It has helped to introduce
the widely used Television, radio, computers and telephones etc.
The subject mainly focuses on areas of Communication and network Engineering, Signal processing,
Microwave engineering, Photonics and VLSI.

Why ETC?
Engineering has been one of the popular branches among the young generations. The huge demand for
ETC is increasing in the digital age.
The ETC has wrapped most of the world’s demanded sectors including analogue and digital
communications, television, signals of video and audio transmission etc in one basket.
The increasing number of telecommunication and digital users has also influenced the ETC very much.
An electronic specialist can secure position in different fields like IT sectors, Health care equipment
manufacturing sectors, Mobile communications etc.
Entrance test you should take be an ETC engineer.

  • JEE Main
  • JEE advanced
  • GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test For Engineering)
  • BCECE (Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination)
  • JEECE (Jharkhand Common Entrance Competitive Exam)
  • UPSEE (Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Examination)
  • VITEEE (Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Examination)
  • BITSAT (Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test)
  • IPU CET ( Indraprastha University Common Entrance Test) etc

Best Colleges for ETC in India

  •  Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Rourke
  •  Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati
  •  Indian School of Mines (IISM), Dhambad
  •  National Institute of Technology (NIT), Trichy
  •  National Institute of Technology (NITK), Surathkal
  •  National Institute of Technology (NIT), Waranga
  •  Vellore Institute of Technology , Tamilnadu
  •  Manipal Institute of Technology, Karnataka.
  •  Lovely Professional University , Punjab etc

Scopes after ETC in Engineering
After graduation, you can go for central government and state government Job opportunities

  •  Indian railways
  •  PSU
  •  IES
  •  UPSC

And there are more Job positions waiting for you including:

  •  Electronics engineer
  •  Networking planning engineer
  •  Field engineers
  •  Customer support engineer
  •  Electronics and communications consultant
  •  Electronics technician
  •  Service engineer
  •  Research and Development Software Engineer.
  •  Technical Director
  •  Senior sales manager

ETC in Medical

Emergency trauma center is a hospital equipped and designed for the patients suffering from acute and
non acute trauma.

Trauma refers to major and critical injury caused by an external cause (in physical sense)
Trauma can be psychological and physical. Today we are discussing about physical trauma like critical
injury due to accidents.

The formation of Emergency trauma centre has made great contributions in medical field. This has
helped to take care of number of patients who are critical or in dangerous situation.
A trauma centre is arranged with most skilled and trained Staffs to take care of the patients in
emergency situations.

The patients who are critically injured form accidents and have suffered from a heart attack etc are
treated in emergency trauma centers.
The trauma centre are well managed and are provided with 24/7 services. The area is strictly maintained
and only allowed for the staffs and doctors.

There are a number of surgeons who are specialized and trained available in emergency trauma centre.

When should someone get treated in ETC?
As said earlier, the department or hospital is only and well arranged for critical patients. You should
immediately get admitted in the emergency trauma centre, when

  •  Got stabbed deeply
  •  Gun shot
  •  Brain injuries
  •  Critically wounded in accidents
  •  Critical burns

Thus a trauma centre is entirely different from the normal hospitals that we have seen. A trauma centre
is completely arranged to treat the patients who are in the corner of life and death or having a major or
extreme injury. As said above, the trauma centre is ready to work in situation. They are always available
and have prepared to face the extreme situations.

The staffs and health professional in emergency trauma center is carefully chosen and are well trained
to face and act according to situation.

The center is pre -arranged with all the equipments and devices to face any situations at any time.
Patients here are taken good care of, they are provided with all necessary treatments. Because of these
reasons, the emergency trauma centers are quite expensive when compared to normal hospitals.

ETC in Shipping

Haven’t you heard of cargo services?.
Estimated time of completion (ETC) is a term commonly used to denote expected date and time to
complete the cargo Operation.
Well, from now on, please don’t forget that ETC is also applied in Shipping and cargo service.

ETC in Banking

Exchange traded commodity denotes a type of security offering investors gain exposure to commodity
markets without having or buying futures contracts or the physical commodity.
Simply, An ETC is used to track the Individual or basket of commodities which helps to provide
alternatives for the future commodity options in the market.
ETC is common abbreviation used in different fields including engineering, medical, and automobile etc
to denote a specific term. ETC has different expansions, which are most completely different from one
The article has elaborated most common and famous expansions of ETC and the details of each term.
There may be more terms with the same aberration in the future.
Through this blog, we get to know that ETC is a common aberration, with multi- and different
In this article, I have tried to mention most important points and concepts of ETC in various subject
The ETC is widely used abbreviation of various expansions. The main reason for that is,
Each letter in ETC is the first letters of most of the popular and related words in English and the subject
Though there are a number of ETC’s, but everyone has their importance in their respective fields.

Other full forms of ETC

ETC Electronic Toll Collection A toll collection system in roads that collect tolls electronically
ETC Electronic Theatre Controls International manufacturer US
ETC Equipment Trust Certificate A debt secured by an asset
ETC Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation Telecommunication service Ethiopia