DTP Full Form

DTP Full Form

DTP full form

The major full forms of DTP are, Desktop Publishing.

 What is the full form of DTP?

1) The expansion of DTP is Desktop Publishing. DTP is a publishing technology that is regularly used to publish printed items, authorities, individuals and institutions. DTP software can provide good quality control over page’s design and layout. The DTP is the word processor is widely usage. DTP is can to manufactured aspects, as well as connect with other websites.  DTP by digital is provide to print manual items like records, books newspapers etc. DTP allow people to take set up the documents to fit the requirements items

DTP is divided into five parts,

  • Layout pages for software
  • Software Graphics
  • Editing Images for Website
  • Publish System for Website
  • App for Publishing system

 The DTP that is commonly using for printing Material, Institutions, Organizations or a company Firm and a Commercial Establishments, although there is word processor for doing such a works, but DTP not sufficient. On the other side, can develop production and increase business.

You need DTP for creating a better-looking publishing material. You also get lowest price in the cost of publishing if you control over the structure of pages. For a better-seeing document, you can get attraction the eyes of the consumers and increase more business.

 Second Full form of DTP (Distributed Transaction Processing)

The DTP full form is Distributed Transaction Processing. And DTP deal with the help of net work to distribute the transaction functions over many transaction systems. In the DTP transaction protocol, more than two network systems can be including.

While needed DTP helps you to process data. This resource of DTP allow over network. DTP is distributing and setting database transaction operations through different way within a network. One network hosts are complicated in this payment processing.


  • Two transactions will manage in DTP sessions and communicate by individually.
  • By an operation the Data can move between from device by digitally or remote servers
  • A User can developed if organizing by utilize DTP through efficiently and with help of adaptable applications.
  • In DTP can use a CPI Communications or Exec Cics
  • If you perform in contrast by Color, Space and Size, the a customer can attract the quality of layout Pages
  • A DTP user can change his document to suitable mission, industrial purpose, moreover the DTP services if the customer does not need buy DTP instruments.

DTP Full Form in Realestate/Land

DTP Meaning in Land/Realestate is District Town Planner

DTP Full Form in Business & Price

DTP stand for Design-To-Price in Business & Price

DTP Meaning in Text

'Disturbing the Peace'

DTP Full Form in Insurance

'Dividend Transfer Plan'

DTP Full Form in Shipping

DTP mean in shipping is Delivered at Terminal Paid 

DTP Full Form in Vaccination


Other full forms of DTP

DTP Internet Data Transfer Project