DSP Full Form

DSP Full Form

The main full form of acronym DSP is Deputy Superintendent of Police 

DSP Full Form

DSP stands for the Deputy Superintendent of Police. The rank of DSP came into existence with the introduction of the policy of Indianisation . Indianisation was incepted in the year 1876 which led to the creation of the rank of DSP by the British Government in the commissionerate system. After it’s establishment, it was a rank which was solely held by the Indians. Presently the DSP signifies the State Police Officers belonging to the provisional police forces. The posting is done directly or through the promotion in the departments. A DSP’s grade or position is analogous to that of a ACP or the Assistant Commissioner of Police and can be elevated to IPS through promotion, in accordance to the state government laws. Like in the state of West Bengal, DSP is generally known as a sub-divisional police officer or SDPO.

❖ Duties of a DSP :

• He/she has to perform all works and duties of a district, assigned by the Superintendent of Police.
• The guidance and supervision of the officers and the maintenance of their discipline is aligned under the DSP.
• He/she has to make sure that the civic rule are under scrutiny.
• He/she should visit of the offences/crime scenes, obey and execute the orders of the higher officers.
• He/she has to supervise and investigate the crimes.
• He/she has also to take roll-call during the visit to the police station, arrange night-rounds and ensure that all the officers under him are on alert all the time.
• He/she closely watches the security of the politicians by rendering them with required forces and battalions.

❖ How can one become a DSP :

A state-level examination is conducted for a candidate who aspires to become a DSP. A candidate who qualifies all the criteria is eligible for the recruitment of the post as a DSP.
The examinations comprises of various stages which include :
• Written exam.
• Preliminary and Mains.
• Physical Efficiency Test.
• Interview and Medical.
Before getting posted as a Deputy Superintendent of Police, the candidates are required to undergo the probationary training.

❖ Eligibility criteria for becoming a DSP :

• The candidate must be of Indian citizenship.
• He/she must have completed graduation from a recognized University or institution in any stream.
• He/she must be at least 21 years of age and the upper age limit should not exceed above 30 years of age.
• Relaxation of 5 years will be provided to the candidates belonging to SC/ST category/quota.
• In accordance to the height, the male candidates should be at least 168 cm and female candidates must be at least 155 cm.
• For male candidates, the minimum chest expected is 84 centimeters with at least an expansion of 5 centimeters.

❖ How to prepare yourself for the DSP examination :

• Understanding complete syllabus is the best way to start with the preparation. It helps the candidate to plan and study with focus.
• During the preparation, in general studies it is important to concentrate on the current affairs with national and international importance. Also, it should be in line with the syllabus of Mains paper.
• There is no defined hours of study, the study hours depends from student to student.
• Prime importance should be given to newspaper reading and should attain knowledge in depth.
• The candidate should know about every ongoing Government policy, Climate changes etc.
Let’s us now look at the other meanings of the abbreviation DSP,

• DSP Full Form in Engineering 

DSP full form in engineering is "Digital Signal Processing". DSP or Digital Signal Processing engineers are the ones who develop algorithm and establish, maintain and alter the signal processing for reliability and accuracy. They focus and work on DSP projects in the fields of : telecommunications, space domain, medical imaging, audio, video, etc. Complex protocols must be parsed and decoded regularly and debugging should be done. A strong problem-solving and troubleshooting skills are vital when it come to the role of a DSP engineer.

• DSP Full Form in Mutual funds 

DSP full form in mutual funds is "Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund". The inception of this fund house took place back in the 1860s. It offers wide array of mutual fund schemes across equity, debt and hybrid categories which includes International funds, etc. With a track of over 20 years of success, the DSP is one of the premier asset companies. The company had associations with Merrill Lynch, an American wealth management wing, Dresdner Bank, Ag, which came into light on 23 December 1975.

• DSP Full Form in Medical 

DSP or "Direct Support Professional" is someone who deals directly with the individuals who face intellectual or developmental difficulties. By realizing the individual's full potential, the DSP aims to assist the individual. They help the patients become integrated and engaged in their community. The DSPs act as advocates to these individuals by enhancing and encouraging with daily activities, help with attitudes and behaviors, communicating their needs, self expression, etc.

• Dalmia DSP Full Form 

Dalmia DSP is the brand name of a cement. The DSP in this stands for Dhalai Special. As Dhalai means, roofing which makes this cement a roof special cement. This cement has more strength, durability and settles quickly. It is outstands from other cements with a green in color, as it has zero carbon in it.

• Amazon DSP Full Form 

DSP or "Demand Side Platform" in Amazon is an ad platform specifically furnished for the off-amazon audiences. It helps them to expand their small business and programmatically by ads to reach new and exciting audiences on and off Amazon. Without any additional costs, it helps to plan the marketing strategy with insights and measure results with performance reporting.
• With the help of Amazon DSP, Samsung increased it’s video completion rate to 77%.
• The Amazon DSP of Casio drove a 400% increase in unique visitors and also a 330% increase on the product detail page.
• Govee grew it’s orders by 310 % , traffic by 350 % and sales by 340 % in a year with the help of Amazon DSP.

• DSP Black Full Form

Director’s Special Black is commonly abbreviated as DSP Black. DSP is an Indian whiskey brand manufactured by United Spirits LTD. Shaw Wallace is the original manufacturer of the brand. It has a alcohol content of 42.8 %. A blend this distinct with a unique design and engraved logo and the packaging has become synonymous to DSP.

• DSP Company Full Form

DSP is a group or company which provides chipsets for digital cordless applications , Volp, multimedia, etc. The group was constituted in the year 1987, headquarters is located San Jos, California. More than 400 people are employed in DSP at three US sites and offices in Germany, Scotland, India, Israel, Japan and Hong Kong. The world’s TAD or first telephony answering device, speech processor was developed by the DSP group in the year 1989.

• DSP Full Form in Electronics

DSP stands for "Digital Signal Processing" in the digital world. It is basically the use of digital processing in computers which allows to perform a wide spread of signal processing operations. Audio and speech processing, sonar, radar, spectral density estimator, etc. are the major applications of DSP. It also includes linear and non-linear system identification. And provides an advantage over analog processing such as error detection and correction, etc. at three US

• DSP Full Form in Police

DSP in the context of police department stands for "Deputy Superintendent of Police". A DSP works under the supervision of SP. To keep the law and orders under control the DSP works toward the enforcement of law for maintaining the civic rights of people. In order to become a DSP he/she should clear the eligibility criteria and go under a probationary training period

DSP Full Form in Banking

Full form of DSP in Banking is "Defence Salary Package"
Defence Salary Package is a special bank account for Defence personnel of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Indian Coast Guard, Assam Rifles, Rashtriya Rifles (RR) and GREF [Border Road Organisation (BRO)]. Defence Salary Package account is zero Balance Account with no penalty for Minimum Average Balance maintenance. Unlimited withdrawal transactions at all Bank ATMs. Auto Sweep Facility. Overdraft facility up to 2 months' net salary. Free Multi City Cheques, Demand Drafts, SMS Alerts.

Other full forms of DSP

DSP Devi Sri Prasad Indian playback singer
DSP Durgapur Steel Plant Integrated steel plants India
DSP Diastasis Symphysis Pubis Health condition
DSP Demokratik Sol Parti Political party in Turkey
DSP Delaware State Police Division of the Delaware Department
DSP Democratic Socialist Party Left wing political party in Ireland
DSP Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Pharmaceutical company (Japan)