CEO Full Form


CEO full form

CEO or a chief executive officer is the highest ranking executive of an organization. He/ she is the one who substantially manages an independent legal entity which can be a company or any non profit institution. CEOs find position in a range of organizations which includes both public and private corporations. It is the highest-ranked position on the hierarchical pyramid of a company. The CEO primarily calls shots for the company and his or her decisions has a substantial impact on its directions. He/she is responsible and capable of making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations of the company, managing the resources of the company, being the face of the company and acting as a mediator between the board of directors and the corporate operations. The aim which needs to be fulfilled by a CEO is to achieve outcomes related to the organization’s missions. The board and it's shareholders elect a CEO of the company.

❖ Role of a CEO :

Depending on the culture, size and corporate structure of different companies, a CEO's role varies.
• He/she should posses high level decision making skills which would help in developing the strategies of the company.
• He/she should be an excellent communicator, which would help in the maintenance of the management.
• He/she should report the status of the business to the board.
• He/she should be able to motivate the employees which can drive a change in the organization.
• He/she should have an excellent communication skills in order to effectively discuss and explain their views to a wide range of individuals.

❖ Prominent CEOs around the world :

• Sundar Pichai :
Sundar Pichai who has pursued Metallurgical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur and holds an MS from Stanford University was selected to become the CEO of Google in the year 2015 after Larry Page.
• Jeff Bezos :
Amazon, named after the South American River was launched by Jeff Bezos. was established on 16th July 1995. The website became an e-commerce leader 2 years after the launch by outpacing the competitors. Jeff’s continuous successes led him to purchase The Washington Post newspaper in the year 2013. Seeing his current rate of success, it is expected that Bezos will become a trillionaire in the coming 25 years.
Fun fact, Bezos made $19.3 billion in the last year alone. It equals out to about $52 million each day, over $2 million in an hour and $36,000 in a minute. Also, on 22 January 2018,the first ever grocery “ Amazon Go” was opened to the public . The store had no cashiers or checkout stations , it was operated using a combination of computer vision, deep learning algorithms and sensor fusion.
• Indra Nooyi :
Indra Nooyi was the President and CEO of PepsiCo in the year 2006. She associated with the company in the year 1994. She directed the company’s global strategy for over a decade.
• Daniel Zhang :
Daniel Zhang had served as the CEO of Alibaba group since the year 2015. He is known as the best visionary strategist and operator as he conceived the first ever 11. 11 Global Shopping Festival in 2009.

❖ What it takes to become a CEO :

• Earn a bachelor’s degree :
Unless and until you want to launch your own company it is virtually non existent to become a CEO without at least a bachelor’s degree. At the collegiate level, the student learns how to sharpen his/her skills and competencies which helps then to successfully run a company and to oversee it’s growth.
A degree in business administration helps the student learn about the fundamental areas of business such as operations, management, finance and economics. This helps to cultivate and understand the ethical skills to work in a business related environment. Taking up a master’s degree is optional, but could definitely help you to increase your knowledge in the acquired area.
• Build On-the-Job Experience :
A CEO’s position should be worked at upon a professional level. Building a on-the-job experience is crucial to climb the corporate ladder. So start with an entry level position. It’s generally in lower-level management or supervisory roles.
• Working on Professional skills :
➢ He/she should have a clear communication which is concise and easy to understand.
➢ He/she should maintain the morale and culture of the company with their guidance.
➢ He/she should collaborate with other C-level executives, share ideas and move the company forward.
➢ He/she should have clear ideas and solutions to the problems and discover new ideas through collective brainstorming.
➢ He/she should have a growth mindset who welcomes obstacles as learning opportunities.
➢ He/she should have strong ethics to help the company to navigate challenges.
➢ Adaptability and innovation are the two key factors a CEO should posses and work on.
A company’s CEO has a lot on their plate on a new day. Therefore they need to know how to effectively manage their organization with quick and smart thinking. Analyzing every move which may help you to build or break an organization.

Let’s now look at some of the other terms for the abbreviation CEO

• Janpad CEO full form :
The CEO of Janpad Panchayat carries out policies and directions, take necessary measures for speedy execution. Also controls the employees and officers. He/she shall attend the meetings in a Janpad but does not have the right to move a resolution. They help in the economic development and social justice of a district
• DY CEO full form.
Dy CEO stands for Deputy chief executive officer, is the one who reports and provides the cultural, strategic and operational leadership to the SASS team. The Dy CEO helps in the achievement of operational and strategic goals.
• Army CEO full form :
The Chief of the Army Staff is the head of the military staff in the Indian Army. Unless the Chief and Vice chief of Defense are not the army officers, the Chief is the Highest ranking officer position. This position is abbreviated as COAS in Indian Army. General Manoj Mukund Naravane is currently serving as the 28th COAS, The Chief of the Army Staff.
• ZP CEO full form :
An IAS or a state civil service officer is the highest post of the Zila Parishad. He/she may be the district magistrate in some states. The division of the Parishad is supervised by the CEO and he/she executes new development schemes and vision.
• Block CEO full form :
Block development officer is the highest post in a block office. A BDO has a back support by the technical staffs, officers and ministerial staff who are responsible in several developmental works which has to be carried out efficiently and successfully.
• CEO funny full form :
It’s fabulous how most of the people express themselves through what they wear. But when people over dress or underdress it becomes ostentatious. And that is what we are looking at here, teenagers nowadays use abbreviations in their conversations and CEO is one of them, CEO stands for Cheesy executive overdressed which basically means someone who overdresses.
• CEO police full form:
The Director General of Police is the head and holds the highest ranking position of the police department in Indian State or Union Territory. The DGP heads or leads the state or UT police force. The Cabinet from the Indian Police Service appoints the DGP.

Other full forms of CEO

CEO Chief Electoral Officer Person be in charge of elections(India)
CEO Controller of Examinations Officer responsible for all examination(related affairs)
CEO Comprehensive Electronic Office Suite of office automation software
CEO Corporate Europe Observatory Organization that carries out research on corporate lobbying(Europe union)
CEO Chief Electoral Officer Person be in charge of elections(Canada)
CEO Center for Equal Opportunity A think tank(US)
CEO Civil Enforcement Officer Person employed to sure parking and traffic rules(UK)
CEO Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization Organization that provides student entrepreneurs
CEO Community Effort Orlando Annual fighting game event (US)
CEO Center for Effective Organizations A research center in the USC Marshall School of Business
CEO Waco Kungo Airport An airport in Angola