BSC Full Form

BSC Full Form

The major full form of BSC is Bachelor of Science.


BSC Full Form

BSC stands for Bachelor of Science. It is an undergraduate degree which is awarded to the aspirants for completing a three year academic course in the field of science and technology. Baccalaureus Scientiae is the Latin name for BSC. It is a very prevalent and desired degree course among the science students after clearing the 12th grade examinations.
BSC can be distinguished into BSC Hons and BSC General. Though we can see that both the degrees are awarded at an undergraduate level, they both are designed differently. BSC Hons serves to impart an advanced theoretical and practical skills. It provides a more standardized degree which gives emphasis on a specific subject. Biology, chemistry, mathematics, economics, physical applied science, agriculture, horticulture and animation are some of the fields of BSC.
BSC is ideal for the candidates who are,
Interested in research industries such as pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, healthcare, IT industry and so on.

Eligibility :

• The minimum age of the candidate must by 18 years.
• The candidate must have secured at least 50 % in 12th grade form a recognized University or institution.
• The candidate must have studied core subjects such as Mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology at their Higher secondary level.
• Relaxation for reserved category/quota candidates.
The BSC eligibility criteria may vary depending upon the colleges the candidates choose. The candidate should meet all the eligibility criteria in order to secure an admission in the colleges offering a course in BSC.

Students opt for BSC courses as it is a gateway which offers some of the most lucrative and well paid career opportunities. After completing BSC, students have a spread of options they can opt for. Some of them are mentioned below,

• M.Sc. or Master of Science :

The most obvious choice after BSc graduation is to opt for higher education. It helps to furnish a deep knowledge in the specialization related to scientific and mathematical subject such as physics, chemistry, biology, statistics, mathematics, botany, biotechnology, microbiology, environmental sciences, life sciences, food sciences, etc.
Since advanced theoretical concepts and practical skills are introduced to the aspirants through MSc, it will polish him/her to be perfectionists in their desired field in the competitive market. Junior research scientist, biochemist, food and drug inspector, chemical analyst, statistician etc. are some of the most promising job titles which can be achieved through MSc.

• Master of Computer Application :

MCA is a postgraduate course which solely focuses on Computer science. The course has four key components which comprises of : mathematics, core concepts of computer and system science, non-core computer courses and software development or design. The specializations are fragmented into system management, system development, system engineering, MIS, networking, application software development and hardware technology.
MCA holders are recruited into IT industries which includes prestigious IT companies as well as government organizations.

• MBA :

The best thing about pursuing MBA is that it does not ask for a specific educational background. Anyone from any educational background can enroll for an MBA course. Pursuing MBA helps to cover a wide range of topics and areas in business administration which includes marketing, finance, human resources, business strategy, etc.
MBA graduates are held by high-end companies and organizations who look for candidates with a domain knowledge coupled with management and business skills.

• Data Science :

The demand for a skilled and certified data science professional is on an upsurge in the fast growing world of technology. Cleansing, aggregating and manipulating the data through specific types of processing are the major working areas in data preparation. A wide understanding of the use of algorithms, analytics and AI models is required for the analysis of data. The aspirants have a great opportunity to meet their dreams of being a data scientist, a data analyst, data architect, etc. through the study of data science after completing BSC.

Let us now look at the other long term meanings of the abbreviation BSC,

• FY BSC full form :

FY BSC full form is "First year Bachelor of Science". The first year curriculum aims to impart basic knowledge of the subjects with emphasis on its applications. The basics is cleared through theoretical and practical sessions.

• SY BSC full form :

SY BSC full form is "Second year Bachelor of Science". The students from the first year are promoted to the second year. In this year the curriculum is focused on the core subjects. The SY comprises of two semesters, the students clearing this year is then promoted to the TY.

• TY BSC full form :

TY BSC full form is "Third year Bachelor of Science". The TY the final year of the BSC course. In TY, the students have an option to do full major and part-majors. Once the student has cleared all the papers, he/she is considered as a graduate.

• BSC full form Medical :

BSC stands for Bachelor of Science which deals with the study of a spread of disciplines related to human health and understanding of human biology. A BSC graduate has opportunities in the medical sector as : medical executives, licensed medical technicians, health practitioners etc.

• BSC full form in Telecom :

BSC full form in telecom is "Base Station Controller". It is a component which is responsible for the control of one or more BTS or Basic Transceiver Stations. Radio net management, BTS handover management and call setup are the major functions of BSC.

• Post BSC full form :

Post BSC is a acronym used for Post Basic BSC Nursing. It is a nursing program which is designed to inculcate in-depth understanding of advanced level of nursing. It follows the curriculum prescribed by the INC or the Indian Nursing Council. The program compromises of a holistic mixture of classroom lectures and practical sessions. PB BSC is a 2 year program and subject combination includes maternal nursing, medical and surgical nursing, microbiology and mental health nursing.

• BMBT BSC full form :

BMBT in BSC stands for biochemistry, microbiology and bio technology. It is a combination which allows an enormous opportunities to excel in the medical field.

• BA BSC full form :

Just like Bachelor of Science, BA is a undergraduate program for the students inclined towards subjects like economics, Psychology, literature etc. BA stands for Bachelor of Arts. An aspirant who has cleared the two year Pre-university examinations from a recognized University is eligible for the admission of BA degree.

• BSC full form in Banking :

BSC full form in banking is "Banking Sector Committee" & "Bear Streans Companies". Bear Streans Companies is a New York based company responsible for security trading and brokerage firm. This global company broke in the year 2008 due to subprime mortgage crisis. Before 2008, the company focused on business areas such as capital marketing, wealth management, investment banking etc.

• BSC full form in Stock market :

There is no full form or BSC in stock market. Instead, we have BSE which stands for Bombay Stock Exchange. BSE is Asia’s oldest stock exchange and the tenth oldest in the world. This Indian stock exchange was established in the year 1875.

• MMM BSC full form :

MMM stands for master in medical management. This course helps the students to accomplish innovation and collaboration in the health administration. The course is specifically targeted to equip the students into high-end medical executives and healthcare leaders.

• BSC MLT full form :

BSc MLT is an acronym for Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology. MLT helps the students to equip with knowledge and skills about diagnostic analysis on body fluids. It is further fragmented into hematology, immunology, bacteriology etc.

Other full forms of BSC

BSC Balanced ScoreCard Management tool in Business
BSC Binary Symmetric Channel Communications channel model in coding theory
BSC Binary Synchronous Communication Character-oriented data link protocol
BSC Biological Safety Cabinet Ventilated laboratory workspace
BSC Bristol Stool Chart Diagnostic medical tool to classify the form of human stool into seven categories
BSC Biological Species Concept Concept of a species
BSC Biological Stain Commission An organization
BSC Bright Star Catalog Star catalog that lists all stars visible to the naked eye from Earth
BSC British Standard Cycle British Imperial screw thread standard
BSC Barcelona Sporting Club Sports club in Ecuador
BSC British Society of Cinematographers Association of cinematographers in UK
BSC British Steel Corporation Metal manufacturer in UK
BSC Blood Stain Child Heavy metal band in Japan