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What is the Full Form & Meaning of AD?

AD Full Form in History

AD stand for 'Anno Domini' in History

AD Full Form in Computer

AD stand for 'Active Directory' in Computer

AD Syringe Full Form

AD stand for 'Auto Disable Syringes' in Syringes

AD Full Form in Jewellery

AD stand for 'American Diamond' in Jewellery

AD Full Form in Government Job

"Administrative Department"

AD Full Form in Medical

"Alzheimer Disease"

  • (AD) Anno Domini

AD stands for the year of our Lord. It is a Latin word that dates back to the Middle Ages. Our Lord's year" is what it refers to. The year after the birth of Jesus Christ is referred to as "the year of the Lord." AD may also be misspelled as After Death, which is completely incorrect. AD and BC are both used to denote years, and BC stands for Before Christ. This is a mistake. This word is misunderstood by so many individuals.


Dionysius Exiguus, a monk, was the first person to discover AD. A new Easter table had replaced the one from the Diocletian period. According to Pope St. John I, Dionysius Exiguus coined the phrase "Easter Calculation" in order to ascertain the right date for the Christian festival of Easter. Previously, various systems for determining Easter dates, such as a 532-year calendar cycle that started in the Alexandra period, caused uncertainty.


It is the primary goal of BC/AD to construct a date system that can mark the beginning and end of human history with Jesus Christ's birth. According to tradition, Jesus was not born in 1 AD, but rather in 6-4 BC. In this method, 500 BC signifies that Jesus was born exactly 500 years prior to this date in time. 2000 AD, on the other hand, is around 2000 years after the birth of Jesus.


AD and BC are used in the Julian and Gregorian calendars to indicate the number of years. The Epoch begins with AD, and the Epoch ends with BC, depending on the context. The terms "Before Common Era" (B.C.E.) and "Common Era" (CE) have recently supplanted the terms "Before Common Era" (B.C. and AD, respectively).

  • (AD) Active Directory

Users are connected to the network resources they require using Active Directory (AD), a database and collection of services.

An important part of your environment, the database (or directory) stores information on people and machines, as well as permissions. For instance, the database may include information on 100 different users, such as their job title, contact information, and a password. Recording their permissions is also a feature.

Much of the activities in your IT environment is controlled by the services. Each user's identity is verified (authentication) by verifying the user ID and password they provide and only allowing them to access the data they're authorized for (authorization).

How Active Directory Works?

Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) is the principal Active Directory service in Windows Server. Domain controllers are the servers that operate AD DS (DCs). When an organization has a large number of servers, each server has its own directory for the domain. The directory changes performed on one domain controller (DC) are replicated to the other DCs so that they are always up to date.

For users and applications, a Global Catalog server is a DC that maintains a full copy of all items in its domain's directory and a partial copy of all objects in all other domains within a forest. Although computers and other devices running Windows may be part of an Active Directory system, they don't have AD DS installed on them. LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), Kerberos, and DNS (Domain Name System) are some of the known protocols and standards that AD DS depends on (Domain Name System). 

On-premises Microsoft setups exclusively use Active Directory, thus it's crucial to know this fact. Azure Active Directory is the same on-premises product used in Microsoft's cloud deployments. It is possible to combine AD with Azure AD if your company has both on-premises and cloud IT systems (a hybrid deployment).

What is the organizational structure of Active Directory?

Domains, trees, and woods make up the first three levels of AD. If your company's main office has many users and computers, you may create a domain that includes them all. It is possible to put together numerous domains into a single tree, as well as multiple trees into a forest.

Keep in mind that a domain is a boundary for management. In a single database, all of the items associated with a certain domain may be accessed and handled as a single unit. A forest serves as a protective barrier. Unless the administrators of each forest establish confidence, objects in separate woods will not be able to communicate with one another. Multiple forests may be necessary for businesses with disconnected divisions.

  • Auto Disable Syringes

In order to administer vaccines, the NIS provides three kinds of syringes:

a. 0.1ml AD syringes;

b. 0.5ml AD syringes; and

c. 1.0ml AD syringes.

AD syringes of 0.5 ml and disposable syringes of 5 ml are available.

Disposable syringes are used for reconstitution of vaccinations as necessary, and auto-disable syringes are utilized to administer the relevant immunizations.

Other kinds of syringes are included in the AEFI (adverse event after immunisation) package, including insulin syringes with 0.01ml graduations and 26 G needles, and 5 ml disposable syringes with 24 and 26 G needles.

These syringes are used to administer which NIS vaccines?

  • Injecting intradermally requires the use of a 26G needle with the 0.1 ml AD syringe.
  • Fractional doses of IPV and BCG
  • It is utilized for the other injectable vaccinations, such as 0.5 ml AD.

In what manner should it be disposed after its usage in the vaccination programme?

  • Use the hub cutter to cut the needle of your AD syringe right away after providing the injection. The puncture-proof container of the hub cutter collects the needles that have been sliced.
  • The shattered vials should be stored in a separate white container that is both strong and puncture-proof.
  • Cut syringe and unbroken vial parts should be separated and stored in the red bag or container. The biohazard emblem should be shown on both containers.
  • General garbage like wrappers and needle caps is placed in a 4th black plastic bag.
  • 5 A authorized worker at the PHC will disinfect and dispose of the red, black bag, which will then be sent to a shared Bio Medical Waste treatment facility (CBMWTF).

To ensure that injections are safe, describe the measures to be followed when using the syringes.

a. Wash or disinfect hands before preparing injectable materials

b. Always use AD syringes for each injection and a new disposable syringe to reconstitute each vial of BCG, measles/MR and JE

c. If the injection site is unclean, clean it with clean swab

d. Always puncture the rubber top (septum) of the vial using a sterile needle

e. Keep your finger away from any part of the vial's needle or rubber cap (septum). Don't re-cap needles or bend them Use the hub cutter to remove the used syringe as soon as possible.

Use the right procedure for using AD syringes.

  1. Assemble and give the vaccine in accordance with manufacturer's instructions (0.1ml for BCG, 0.5ml for IPV, and 1.0ml for all other vaccines).
  2. Make sure the packing is in order. Damaged, unsealed, or expired packages should not be used.
  3. Remove the syringe by grasping the barrel and peeling open the container from the plunger side. A black plastic bag is the best way to get rid of the packing
  4. Removing and discarding the needle cover/cap into the black plastic bag.
  5. Until you are ready to inject the vaccine, do not move the plunger and do not inject air into the vial, since this will cause the syringe to get stuck.
  6. Insert the needle into the vial through the septum of the vaccination vial, inverting the bottle. The needle should be inserted such that the tip is at or below the vaccine's level. It is possible to draw an air bubble that is very tough to dislodge. The needle and the rubber cap (septum) of the vial should not be touched.
  7. Take your time when you load the syringe. When the correct amount of vaccine has been drawn, the plunger will automatically stop (0.1 ml or 0.5 ml).
  8. Do not inflate the syringe with air. Remove the needle from the vial if air is mistakenly injected into the syringe during the injection process. Tap the barrel of the syringe to push the bubbles closer to the tip of the syringe while holding the syringe upright. Once the air bubble is expelled, gently press the plunger to the dosing mark (0.5 or 0.1 ml).
  9. If the injection site is filthy, use a clean swab to wipe it up.
  10. Administer the vaccination in accordance with the directions on the label.
  11. Push the plunger all the way down to provide the dosage. Following vaccination, avoid rubbing the injection site.
  12. Recapping the needle is not permitted. Cut the syringe's hub using a hub cutter immediately after use.
  13. The plastic piece of the cut syringes should then be placed in a red plastic bag for disposal.
  • (AD) American Diamond

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Other full forms of AD

AD Advertisement Paid announcement in public medium
AD Art Director Title for job functions in creative organizations
AD Assistant Director Director’s right hand person
AD Acción Democrática Political party in Venezuela